Our mission is to give back to the forest by planting trees and to create more opportunities for community members to connect through land restoration work.

Forests for the future

Learn about our 2021 reforestation project!

Connections with land owners

We work directly with the landowners in the months before conducting our reforestation projects to develop a Land and Planting Plan. This includes collecting data about the soil, water, climate, and more to determine which species of trees will be the best for planting.

After the trees are planted, we continue to work with the landowners to ensure that the saplings receive care and maintenance. The recently planted trees are visited regularly to clear space around them and monitor their growth.


Tree Species

We are intentional with the species we plant, keeping in mind habitat restoration and the land's history. With extensive help from Cloudbridge Nature Reserve and the Monteverde Institute, we have identified the species and seeds of native trees we need to restore the forest in the tropical cloud forests of Costa Rica.

Sapling Care

We are currently raising funds for the construction of a tree nursery that will be used to care for saplings of several tree species. This is a key step in allowing us to provide trees to anyone who is interested in reforesting their land.


The connection between Reforestation and tree climbing

looking ahead

We are currently in the planning stages of our 2022 reforestation projects.

To help us make this a reality, consider becoming a Patron. The planting of these trees is funded entirely by the generous people of our Patreon community.

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