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Research + Education


to learn about the forest and canopy ecosystems in which we spend time and to continue our commitment to curiosity, while sharing what we learn with the wider community


why study the canopy?

The forest canopy is a world that has been largely unexplored. It has been called by some the “last biotic frontier”. What we do know about the canopy is that it is extremely important to the health and wellbeing of the forest ecosystem as a whole. The canopy acts as a sponge, holding water and nutrients crucial to the survival of not only the plants and animals that live up there, but also to the dwellers of the forest floor. The canopy is also home to an incredible amount of biodiversity, an astonishing 1/2 of all terrestrial species! It is essential that we understand more about this key piece of the forest so that we may better protect it. 

values and methods

Education is at the center of all we do, and we strive to always encourage deeper curiosity in our courses and projects.

create space for reflection

time to reflect on our experiences is essential. it is where new ideas, perspectives, and ways of thinking emerge.


encourage curiosity

inspire a life long sense of wonder and curiosity towards the natural world, as well as the confidence to explore those curiosities


share the tools to access new worlds

learning new skills that open up the opportunity for new discovery and exploration

creative sharing and expression 

art, writing, speaking, and other mediums are used to understand and share our experiences

Environmental Education through Tree Climbing

canopy studies

By becoming a monthly supporter of Palo Vivo, you can help us give more students access to the canopy - giving them the opportunity to significantly contribute to this developing field of science!

the Palo Vivo Podcast

Hear from expert scientists, professional tree planters, and seasoned climbers as you learn about the wondrous world of trees and all the gifts we can gain from exploring and giving back to the forest.


Palo Vivo is funded entirely by donations from people just like you!


Join us, and help us continue to create more opportunities for meaningful education in our community.

help us get more kids climbing trees

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